Wamdhat website belonging to the institution of wamdhat for computers. It is a branch of the Wamdhat mother company. Headquartered in Riyadh, a license from the Saudi Ministry of Commerce as an official commercial registration number (1010152118).The site was set up in order to secure the needs of companies and individuals for everything related to Internet service, from hosting, design, site management, and securing all the requisites of specialized computer systems of equipment, accessories and programs. Also provide many free educational services with respect to the computers. 

Facility Name: Wamdhat for computers 

Created: 23/08/1419 e 

Industry: Import, export, sell and buy everything related to computer and related items 
And internet services (hosting, design, site management). 

Commercial Registration Number: 1010152118 
Chamber of Commerce membership number: 110 581 

High Bay Complex for Computer 
King Fahd Road - Riyadh 
Saudi Arabia